2017 winter sales infographic: are online sales immune to downturns?

As we approach the tail end of another sales period in France, HiPay put together an infographic looking at interesting e-commerce trends that appeared during this year’s winter sales.

Enjoying the sales from home!

Amid all the talk of countries still rebounding from an economic slump there has been a slowly growing in-store downward trend for retailers during sales periods. Trends show that year on year less and less people are lining up at the register while more and more customers are checking out from the comfort of their own home. At first glance this may seem to be a slump, but in actuality is just a change in consumer behavior.

The convenience of online shopping has redefined many age old shopping traditions. One standout from the statistics of this year’s winter sales was an increase in transactions. It seems like shoppers are taking advantage of free and faster shipping offers and making more transactions rather than heading out to crowded department stores and dedicating an entire day to buying everything they planned to at once.

Who came out on top?

Some of the biggest performers of this year’s winter sale in terms of sales were; fashion and sports equipment. Performance in both product categories fell in line with the FEVAD’s forecast for the 2017 winter sales.

Looking at these budding new trends defining the last winter sales period, the team at HiPay decided to create an infographic, with the use of data taken from our top 101 French merchants, depicting the increase in transactions and other trends from this year’s winter sales bonanza!

For more of an in depth look at the e-commerce market in France in 2016, check out our blog post covering the FEVAD’s latest findings here.


2017 winter sales infographic: are online sales immune to downturns?

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