HiPay is 2nd of the Fintech ranking

HiPay, the French gem in B2B payment, comes second in the  Frenchweb 500 “FinTech ranking”. Since 2014, HiPay has developed its fullservice business with a wide offering of 220 payment methods across the globe, covering 150 currencies.



Predictive technologies at the forefront

In 2015, the Parisian company reporteda  €26 million revenue, which represents a growth of 12%, mainly after  doubling its Fullservice revenue. “Our micropayment revenue has levelled off and our Fullservice business met a strong growth”, said Gabriel de Montessus. However,  the net income of consolidated  companies (present in six countries) shows a  €2.8 million decrease . During the summer of 2015, HiPay also went public on the EnterNext market with a €70 million euros valuation.

Without disclosing further information , we can say that HiPay is able  to develop new technologies based on machine learning. More specifically, in the FinTech sector, this means using data for financial forecast, decision-making for  investments, extracting online payment data or detecting fraudulent transactions.

So, what’s behind   HiPay’s growth? And where did the company miss out? Gabriel de Montessus, CEO of HiPay Group, answers to all the question.

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