HiPay collaborates to the WiziShop white paper " 27 advices to succeed your ecommerce in 2015"

wizishopSEO, AdWords, Social Media, customized recommendations… sometimes it is difficult to do the right strategic choice among the large range of solutions offered to e-tailers.

However, a website success does not depend on the accumulation of plenty of tools. It is often better to focus on 3 or 4 strategic drivers. Those who will be the best option for improving the user experience , SEO , usability of your shop and participating in increasing your conversion rate.

To help e-tailers, Wizishop gathered advice from 27 e-commerce experts within a white paper. HiPay was pleased to participate in this work. Among the 27 topics , so you can find the advice of Bruno Gloaguen on international development .

Download the french version now by clicking on the following link.

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