HiPay ensures L’Exception technological innovations and a dedicated team

In an international development perspective and to reduce fraud ont its e-commerce webite, L’Exception.com, online fashion expert, has chosen HiPay and its HiPay Fullservice solution. Rencently interviewed, Régis Pennel - the website’s Founder, answered to HiPay’s questions.


First “select store” of French designers, L’Exception was founded in September 2011 and gathers the best 300 fashion brands like Carven, Kenzo, AMI Alexandre Mattiussi or new names like Drapeau Noir or Patrons. Today, L’Exception offers 4,000 new references each season and counts more than 20,000 satisfied clients throughout the world.

Why did you choose HiPay Fullservice?

Régis Pennel: Because of our expansion (nb: the website has experienced a strong international growth, which has translated into a 80% annual increase in the number of sent parcels), having several contact persons around the world was becoming impossible to manage. We needed a one-stop-shop model with a unique point of contact.

E-commerce websites have difficulties to manage online fraud. In partnership with HiPay, L’Exception’s teams were able to set-up by themselves the most relevant anti-fraud filters for their activity. What are the results thanks to the fraud Protection Service©?

Regis Pennel: Since the implementation of the HiPay Fullservice platform on our website in December 2014, our fraud rate significantly dropped: the number of fraudulent transactions has been divided by three. We work with HiPay’s fraud analysts on a daily basis and our rate is now a minor factor.

With mainly French, American, Japaneses and European clients, a more than forty countries shipped, L’Exception also wanted its customers to be able to pay in their own currency. “With HiPay, integrating new currencies on our website was really easy and we quickly noticed the impact on our exports. Our activity was already increasing, but since the implementation of the solution and thanks to some additional marketing actions in each country, our growth rate has jumped from 50 to 300%! Today, we collect payments in several currencies each week and the increase in export sales has even exceeded our sales growth in France”, continues the website Founder.

Régis Pennel concluded our interview: “Meeting clients’ objectives is the basis of every business relationship. Today, it is essential for the payment provider to be open to improvements and for the collaboration to become a real partnership. It is the case with HiPay’s teams!”.
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