HiPay unveals the new version of its HiPay Mobile merchant interface

Paris, January 15th 2015, 17h40: HiPay, the HiMedia Group payment entity (ISN Code FR0000075988 HIM, HIM.FR), launches the new version of its HiPay Mobile, European micropayment leader, management console. The new features of this interface provide online publishers with some key indicators in order to optimize the management and the development of their activity.

Among those new features

- An optimized management interface: More user-friendly and more complete, it offers merchants a clear and detailed view over their domestic and international activity, allowing them to make quicker decisions. Also adapted to merchants’ new habits it allows them to check their payment information in real-time and on any device (mobile, computer, tablet…). HiPay took everyone into consideration, even startups which need to follow up their transactions hour by hour in a project kick-off phase.

- A new dashboard: At a glance, publishers monitor their business with a new dashboard providing real-time statistics: transaction performance indicators, client profiles, purchase channels (mobile, tablet), etc. Thanks to new filters – by country, payment method, payment option (subscriptions or one-shots), product or period - publishers benefit from a detailed analysis of their activity. This new transaction search tool is critical for many departments: Marketing, Customer Service or Financial Department.

- Intelligent product setting: The setting of payment options is a crucial step as it has a direct impact on digital content publishers’ sales. HiPay Mobile developed an intelligent recommendation tool that takes into consideration several parameters (such as sector of activity, payment frequency, average cart…) to offer the most relevant payment option according to their activity.

- Live notifications: Merchants receive in real-time technical, legal and marketing alerts on their back-office with the new notification center. Providing the right message to the right person in real time is one of the new HiPay Mobile interface improvement.

- User right management: The solution allows merchants to create user accounts with specific permissions for each individual according to their role in the company (financial profile, marketing, technical…). The aim of this new management console is to answer the best online publishers’ needs. “We are proud of the new HiPay Mobile merchant console. We have worked alongside our clients to design a platform that answers 100% of online publishers’ needs from Business Intelligence to conversion oriented KPIs. We have built HiPay Mobile back-office to save our clients’ time and resources. This, in order to allow them to spend more time on what really matter: generating more sales”, concludes Bruno Gloaguen, European COO of HiPay.

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