How To Grow Your International Audience Through Your Website Content

The current business climate revolves around international expansion. From small to big enterprises, it’s all the buzz today. If you struggle determining how to mold your website content to reach an international audience, then go no further… Today we’ll be showing you how get started in the right direction through 5 simple tips!

Be Culturally Adaptive
Each country has a unique culture whether it’s different practices or different ways of communicating. When developing your communications content, make sure to re-read it numerous times to make sure that there are no idioms or content that require additional explanation or context. Read it as if you are not from your country, with fresh eyes, even if it means getting an agency outside of your country to read it over. Also be aware of celebrations unique to the countries in which you are marketing… For example, in the U.S. there are unique holiday events like Thanksgiving or Oktoberfest in Germany. Appealing to these kinds of cultural events could go along way in growing your customer base.

Know Seasonal References
This is similar to the last one but literally refers to the seasons. If it’s not summer season in the countries you are selling to, then don’t talk about sunny weather products when it could be snowing in the countries you’re addressing. This is especially true with countries below the equator where seasons are completely opposite to those above the equator.

Don’t Forget CTA’s
Changing your CTA’s (understand Call To Action) into another language can be trickier than you think because wording in other languages frequently takes up more space than in English. When originally designing a CTA that will be localized at a later time, use up to 40% more space so that you know it will fit additional characters that accompany changing languages.This way you know the new text will fit. To make the overall process of modifying your CTA easier; considering separating the text and image layers.

Simplify Your Images
Try to not use images with text integrated. This makes the content seem overly wordy and busy, which could potentially be a turnoff to readers. However, if you are going to do this, make absolute sure that the image on the text is translated, even if the image text is a simple word like ‘stop.’

Use The Correct Units
Yes, the U.S. is one of the few countries that uses miles rather than kilometers, but England does too! If you are using your website to sell products internationally then you must be sure to include units appropriate for each country. This includes pricing and measurement units. Currencies vary even more than distance measurements!

These insightful tips will help give you a kick start to refining your international website content development strategy. You may also want to consider checking out our tips for visually optimizing your online site!

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