How to visually optimize your online store

Whether they are aware of it or not, when e-shoppers enter your online store, their senses will be automatically searching for all the intricate details that make your site appealing or uninviting.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of your site, customers will be looking for a site that is visually well-laid out. This is why the first visual impression is critical to catching and keeping clientele: visual optimization is key to the success of your online store. Below are some tips proposed by HiPay to get you started!

Focus on your audience
Visual appeal varies by audience. While not every audience has the same aesthetic taste, each market will nevertheless be somewhat streamlined. Take into account not only demographics, but the lifestyles of your customers. For example, the online store of Victoria’s Secret will be much different than that of Abercrombie & Fitch regarding color schemes and image choice. Delve deeper into the data of your clients by looking at their point-of-sale history.

Improve image quality
Ensure that your images are sharp, high resolution, and easy to see when zooming in. Having blurry or low-quality images could represent a reflection of your website and product quality for consumers. A study by Research Gate revealed that 94% of customers judge a website’s trustability by its design. Quality images are integral to a good website design.

Feature a person on the front page
If applicable, feature a prominent photo of a smiling customer on your front page. A study done by Signal v. Noise showed a 102.5% increase in signups in comparison to landing pages without models. Moreover, if you have a fashion-oriented store, featuring a model wearing your products on the landing page will give a more human feel to the website.

Ensure relevant information is easy to find
When people enter your website, they’ll be more attracted to a layout that allows them to easily access relevant information. This includes ‘shopping cart’ features or contact buttons. If customers enter a site that is poorly laid out and it is difficult to find the useful information, then it is unlikely they will want to continue their shopping. On this note, don’t forget your mobile online site. Make sure that relevant information is equally as easy to find on desktop and mobile versions!

The word ‘visual’ is enough to make people cringe, as this word connotes creativity and thinking outside of the box, which is not everyone’s piece of cake. However, enhancing the visuals of your website can be done without any creative prowess but rather by simplifying your website and knowing your audience. Find out on the blog next week the opinion of our UX Designer expert at HiPay!

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