Italy: Payment in Cash with SisalPay

One way to increase conversion rates is by getting to know your market, or more specifically, how your market likes to pay. Today we’ll be focusing on our transalpine friends in Italy and on one of their payment methods: SisalPay.

Italy, the new e-commerce market to keep an eye on
There is a lot to be said for Italian e-commerce but one thing is sure: you need to keep an eye on it. While it’s behind leading e-commerce giants like the U.K., Germany, and France, Italy still had sales of over 13 million in 2014!

While products purchased online in Italy, such as travel and clothes, are similar to those purchased in countries like France or the U.K., payment methods vary. Bank cards are the primary online payment method: they are used for 80% of transactions. The Italian market has a unique element: most buyers like to pay with cash, which is why SisalPay was developed!

What is SisalPay?
Payment by cash is a deeply rooted habit in Italy which is why HiPay partnered with SisalPay. This payment method allows buyers to order online but pay at one of SisalPay’s 45,000 affiliated locations which include kiosks, libraries, and bars, all available 7 days a week.

How does it work? SisalPay is easy to use and makes it so that customers don’t have to enter their personal data online when making a purchase. When making a purchase, the customer selects SisalPay as the payment method then receives a reference number by email that is needed to finalize the order. The reference number is valid for three days with a maximum authorized amount of €999.

Another major advantage of SisalPay for e-merchants is that the purchase amount is debited before the order is sent contrary to other payment methods where the amount is deducted after the order arrives.

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