Payments in Scandinavia: They Do It a Little Bit Differently in the North

Our neighbors up North go further than conventional payment methods: they like to use Klarna, an invoice payment method. Here’s a little bit about it!

What is Klarna?
Klarna is the global leader in after-delivery payment methods, notably in Nordic countries. 65,000 online stores and 45 million shoppers use this payment method that registers an average of 400,000 transactions a day.

How does it work?
We offer Klarna Invoice on our platform. One of the biggest disadvantages of e-commerce is that customers are not able to see or touch products in-person before buying. With Klarna’s invoice payment method, this problem is now solved! E-shoppers have 14 days to pay for their purchases once their product has arrived in the mail, the right amount of time for them to be satisfied with their purchase!

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