Niche Markets: Maximize Your Sales From Impulse Buyers

Everyone’s had that moment when see something they want to buy and just can’t resist...making an impulse buy! Maybe these shoppers are frugal but only buy impulsively or maybe they shop impulsively when they’re bored. As an e-commerce merchant, impulse buyers represent an entire market segment at your fingertips waiting to be tapped!

How Impulse Buyers Can Boost Your Online Business
Have you ever wondered how much revenue store owners make from the little items they sell right at check-out? Seeing how often shoppers pick up these items, you can imagine it’s a lot! Just like brick-and-mortar stores capitalize on impulse buying, you can too as an e-merchant! This is particularly true if you are just getting on your feet as an e-merchant. Targeting impulse buying doesn’t require a full-fledged expensive marketing strategy. Normally impulse buyers are more likely to make a purchase the first time they visit your website.

Moreover, due to the nature of impulse buying, you will have a high return on investment (ROI) from any marketing directed at impulse buyers. When an impulse buyer makes a purchase from your website, you’ll be able to funnel these funds into your marketing budget as well as gain contacts. Once in your contact list, you’ll be able to target them in email campaigns directed at impulse buyers. Impulse purchases are normally smaller amounts, but small amounts add up and you can directly pump that money into your e-commerce development efforts!

Attract More Impulse Buyers To Your Online Store!

1. Inform your buyers about limited stock. Impulse buyers are known for having a fear of items running out of stock! Many times, impulse buyers see an item they like but want to purchase later. Emailing them reminders that time is running out will make them want to purchase the item before it’s out of stock.

2. Don’t forget CTA’s! A CTA or ‘call to action’ is a button that says something along the lines of ‘Buy Now’ and encourages shoppers to make purchases instantly. Perfect for impulse buyers! CTAs have also been to shown to increase in effectiveness when the buyer knows stock is limited, something to keep in mind.
3. Flash sales. Flash sales are short-term sales on products that have higher value. Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day could be considered flash sales, for example. These kinds of sales are made for impulse buyers, because they’re short and put more pressure to buy right away than normal, longer lasting sales.

As an e-merchant, an entire market is waiting for you to tap into! Get started today by implementing the tips we covered today! Check out our other e-commerce tips here!

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