How to Make Payment Installments With Bank Cards

Offering multiple payment methods is one of the keys to success for an e-commerce website. French online shoppers normally prefer to pay by bank card or e-wallet. Nevertheless, payment by multiple installments is becoming increasingly popular.

Advantages for E-tailers and Buyers
How does it work? Shoppers pay with their bank card, but instead of being charged the entire amount at one time, they are charged multiple smaller payments at different times.

Payment through installments is useful for online shoppers. For Internet users, paying in several installments with their bank card is a useful solution when they want to buy expensive products (between €90 and €3,000). In fact, they will be more likely to complete a more expensive purchase if an easy payment solution is offered. Moreover, payments installments are interest-free, making credit-shy people more receptive to this solution.

E-merchants also reap the benefits of this payment method by seeing a boost in both average cart amount and conversion rates. This payment solution also offers further protection against unpaid bills.

How does this work at HiPay?

HiPay is partnered with Oney and supports this company’s multiple payment installments platform, FacilyPay. “Created in 1983, Oney is an affiliate of Auchan Holding and is specialized in payment management, fraud protection, financial and non-financial services as well as real customer insight.

This payment method is 100% French and is available on more than one 150 partner sites and used by more than 9 million clients.

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