Polands Growing Online Spending

Online spending has seen an increase in the Polish market and is only expected to grow. Let’s have a look on this market.

Outlook of Online Shopping Habits
A recent survey taken by Gemius and E-Commerce Poland, revealed that 1-4 polish people plan on increasing their online spending. Men specifically are willing to spend more and are geared towards electronics, whereas women are purchasing more CD’s, books and films. The average amount spent has reached 83 Zloty per month, which is 8 more than last year. The numbers are exciting for retailers looking to make their way into the Polish market, however understanding why and how this has happened is sure to see them profit from this increase in spending.

What does this stem from?
Polish people have gained more trust in payment systems and online spending, e-commerce is becoming a norm in Poland. Key to this gain in trust is the inclusion of the Zloty and the use of payment methods that Polish people trust. The foremost used payment method in the country, Przelewy24, is an inclusion into e-commerce websites that has fueled this growing desire for online shopping. The possibility to pay using the Zloty and Przelewy24 has also saved the Polish people time and money.

Providing the Service Polish People Deserve
Starting to sell internationally is a big step for any company. Being aware of the preferred payment methods before going into a country is an integral aspect to consider for your e-commerce strategy. HiPay’s payment experts have experience providing solutions for companies of different scales selling across Europe. Recently our payments experts worked together with Promod to provide an optimal payments experience for their customers in Poland. Take a look at the case study where we outline the objective, solution and results garnered in this successful partnership.

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