[Success Story] La Bécanerie Cleverly Fights Fraud

La Bécanerie, spare parts for two-wheeled vehicles and bikers’ equipment specialist, minimizes risks and maximizes revenue by choosing HiPay Sentinel.

Over 40 Years of Expertise

The story of La Bécanerie starts with Djamal Henni in 1978 with the opening of a specialized store in spare parts for two-wheeled vehicles on the west of France. Thriving on its success, the brand starts distance selling by creating La Bécanerie in 1986. The website’s offering widely diversified over the years, providing today spare parts for all two-wheeled vehicles and a vast range of bikers’ equipment. 

Today, La Bécanerie is a family business surrounded by the best providers that only offers quality products. Based in France, La Bécanerie pursues its development by preserving local employment and economy.” indicates Nicolas Henni, Director of the website and brother of the founder.

The Issue

In 2014, La Bécanerie reached HiPay. Their goal: to offer a customized payment page. It is the beginning of a great cooperation between the brand and HiPay. When the transaction volume increased and, in consequences, fraud as well, the website had, once again, put its trust in HiPay by integrating its module to fight against fraud.

Automation of The Challenged Transactions Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to HiPay’s Risk teams, La Bécanerie configured the anti-fraud module HiPay Sentinel according to its activity’s needs. Each transaction receives a score that triggers an action: acceptance, rejection, 3D-Secure authentication or manual review.

The additional review of some transactions was crucial for La Bécanerie and needed a dedicated team to manually treat them. The website’s team accepted over 98% of them, refused 1.88% and did not have enough time to analyze the remaining transactions.

Based on this recurring observation over e-merchants, HiPay went further into the fraud’s management by integrating Smart Decision to HiPay Sentinel. With the principle of Machine Learning at the core of its module, HiPay uses its technical expertise to help its clients’ team have more time by automatically reviewing transactions scored as challenged by the scoring tool.

Around 7% of the transactions created on our website were judged as suspicious by the scoring tool, which represented 5.79% of our revenue. Our team was doing its best to quickly review them all but the waiting time for our customers was in average of 17 hours. We had to improve this process. Today, thanks to Smart Decision and more generally artificial intelligence, all the treatment is automatic and in real-time.” indicates Nicolas Henni.

To get the results obtained by La Bécanerie thanks to Smart Decision, feel free to download the success story!

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