The Italian e-commerce is living the “dolce vita”!

5th e-commerce market in Europe, Italy is often forgotten… but wrongly! With over 20.5 million regular e-shoppers, the e-commerce registered a total turnover of almost 20 billion euros in 2016. Let’s take a look at this market via a complete infographic!

An e-commerce market rising star?

Even if the market did not reach its apogee yet, Italians are e-shoppers like the other. The revenue of €19.6 billion is mostly spent on computer but mobile devices are getting to a place of choice with 26% of transactions.

Despite a lower turnover, the Italian e-commerce sets itself apart from its French counterpart on the payment methods used. If there are “classical” methods like cards or bank transfer, Italians like to pay by cash! They are 2% to go in a physical store (tabacco shops, etc.) with its reference in order to pay their online purchases in cash. To best fit our merchants’ client expectations, HiPay offers to pay via SisalPay!

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