“Today, 25 to 30% of online payments will still end up in a failure”

gabriel de montessusGabriel de Montessus, CEO of HiPay, recently gave an interview to E-commerce Mag, reaffirming HiPay’s ambitions while HiMedia Group separates its activities.

Why did you choose to separate the activities of HiMedia Group ?

This separation was necessary because synergies between online advertising and online payments are limited. Online payment is a capital-intensive sector. Furthermore, HiPay has developed a specialized in-house technology whereas we use third-party technologies for our advertising activities . Cost structures, product life cycles and sectoral dynamics are not the same at all. We are at a turning point within HiMedia Group where we have the chance to have these two entities operate on their own.

You just became CEO of HiPay Group, a newly created entity regrouping all the payment activities of HiMedia Group. And Cyril Zimmermann is now Chairman of the Board of directors. Why this new organization?

The benefits are twofold: at the operational level on the one hand, and in terms of shareholding on the other hand. The group is indeed, from our point of view, undervalued on the stock market. The separation of both entities will also allow to regain value. Besides, from an operational point of view, we will be able to focus on each of the entities, which should create leverage effects. With a dedicated management to be able to accelerate development. To date, the payment activity represents 55% of the activity of the group but it is still too often associated with the advertising activity...

Read the end of the interview in E-commerce Mag.

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