Where does the Spanish iGaming industry stand?

Spain concentrates a huge amount of online casino fans across Europe, especially when it comes to slot games which represents 50% of online casino revenues. But betting is also getting increasingly popular in the country. Let’s have an overview of this market!

Is it simple to offer online games in Spain?
Not that simple that we could think! Spain is a decentralized market, organized in a regionalized licensing system including national and autonomies communities. It means that the 17 communities are autonomous in supervising, regulating and licensing most of the gambling activities in the country, including lottery games when they are organized and commercialized within an autonomous community.

However, the control of online gaming activities at the national level falls under the jurisdiction of the national Government. The main gambling authority at the state level is the Dirección General de Ordenación del juego (DGOJ). The DGOJ is in charge of establishing the regulatory framework, in addition to supervising, controlling and licensing gaming activities that transcend the borders of one autonomous community.

Even if national authorities are responsible for the global gambling services legislation, the regions have their own jurisdiction to regulate their internal online gambling market. In other words, local gambling authorities will always prevail over the national legislation.

2017 has been a particularly profitable year: the revenue of all gambling products was 37% higher than 2016. Thanks to this, the DGOJ recently announced that ten more licenses will be issued this year, to reach a total number of 45 licenses in 2019.

What are the most popular gambling products in Spain?


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