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A new year, a new vision around augmented payments

Technology, innovation, and performance: it’s around this promise that we have rethought payment.

With a mission to provide seamless shopping experiences throughout Europe.

Known for our expert support, we are committed to maintaining a relationship of trust and ensuring the success of your projects, every step of the way.

Choosing HiPay means opting for a responsive payment technology, which is part of our DNA and our vision.

Our new generation of scalable payment solutions, based on your needs and reality, integrates quickly and easily into your ecosystem.

By giving you access to growth opportunities behind every transaction, we open up new perspectives to:

  • unify your channels and optimize the payment experience across all your points of sale,
  • put your customers back at the heart of your business with innovative strategy and tools,
  • monitor and analyze your transactions via a powerful centralized management interface.

Choosing HiPay also means opting for a human approach to performance.

As payment technology experts at your service, all our HiPayers are driven by the same objective:

  • to bring you a truly augmented and personalized customer experience,
  • to ensure you a forward-thinking, omnichannel offering,
  • to make your job easier by fostering accessibility and flexibility.

These values are the cornerstones of our mission, and are embodied in our new logo, which symbolizes the way we connect you to payments, and reflects the link we create between our merchants and their customers.

This new vision expresses our strength and expertise. Because payment is more than just a transaction.

We wish you a prosperous New Year, filled with possibilities with HiPay!


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