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HiPay celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Ten years of trust with our merchants and partners, thanks to the dedication of all our HiPayers in France, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium.

A new year, a new vision around augmented payments

Technology, innovation, and performance: it’s around this promise that we have rethought payment.

BNPL, on the consumers’ wish list this holiday season

In an increasingly competitive e-commerce sector, and faced with inflation and declining purchasing power, consumers have changed their habits and are now looking for payment solutions that help them manage their budget more effectively.

Omnichannel commerce: a crucial strategy that some merchants are slow to adopt

When will e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailing be fully interlinked?

Some brands, such as Decathlon and Nespresso, are already models in terms of omnichannel strategy. While not all companies are equally mature in this area, the move towards a unified customer experience, across all channels, seems inevitable and is no longer an option for satisfying consumer expectations.

Mobile payment: an essential part of online and in-store commerce

The conversion rate is a key issue for retailers, and it’s essential to know how to maximize it. To do so, and to simplify and optimize your checkout process, discover how mobile payment can boost your conversion rate, and why not adopting it is a risk for your business.

For payment solutions connected to e-commerce leaders


As part of our commitment to provide close support and guidance, one of HiPay’s mottos is to be connected to all service providers categories of our merchants’ ecosystem. When it comes to developing e-commerce platforms, there is no shortage of partner companies, starting with CMS (Content Management Systems), which