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A digital portrait of online buyers in France

With spending at over €130 billion in 2021 (an increase of 16% compared to 2020), things are looking good – great, even –for French e-commerce. According to the French organisation FEVAD (Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling), 81% of French internet users now buy online, putting France in second place in the European market, after the UK.

What profiles do these consumers have? How do they behave online? Which are the latest trends to follow? Let’s find out with our digital portrait of online buyers in France!

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3 payment solutions that will boost your sales


2022: Unified commerce at the center of new customer experiences

The pandemic was a catalyst for new trends. It confirmed the need for businesses to put sales systems in place with the capacity to handle both growing consumer needs and economic disruption. Stock shortages, the closure of physical points of sale, changes in buying behaviors – the move towards unified commerce is increasingly becoming more than just a business priority – it’s a necessity!

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Gamification of the payment experience: 4 tips from the world of online sports betting

The metaverse, a fictional world where pixels and virtual shopping merge, is developing at a rapid pace, making the online payment experience increasingly important for all businesses. How do you optimize the customer journey and leverage the latest technology at the same time? Video games shed light on the subject.

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The payment experience is at the heart of the gaming industry


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Payment: Best practices for the online game industry

When it comes to online gaming, the user payment experience can be fraught with difficulties: registration processes, customer data, choice of payment methods, etc. To optimize conversion rates, increase sales and enhance brand image, players in the online gaming sector are catching on to the major payment trends!

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