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For payment solutions connected to e-commerce leaders


As part of our commitment to provide close support and guidance, one of HiPay’s mottos is to be connected to all service providers categories of our merchants’ ecosystem. When it comes to developing e-commerce platforms, there is no shortage of partner companies, starting with CMS (Content Management Systems), which ensure an essential technological foundation. “We have connectors with the main players on the market. If our payment module is not offered on a CMS, our services cannot be available online. Therefore, it is vital to keep our plugins up to date with the latest e-commerce technological requirements”, explains Camille Secondini, Channel Manager in charge of partnerships and synergies at HiPay.

As an aggregator of payment solutions, HiPay has also decided to connect with the majority of payment methods on the market. The aim is to identify the solutions most popular with merchants to be able to offer and integrate them into their platform. This may involve, for example, installment payments, which are growing steadily. The challenge is to offer a vast array of solutions, enabling us to meet different types of needs, and to provide the solution most in tune with our customers’ profiles.

The OMS (Order Management System) component is just as important to guarantee unified commerce, particularly in terms of inventory management, and to connect a payment solution that manages both web and in-store commerce. “Here again, having connectors with these players is crucial. Order Management Systems allow us to extend the customer experience by offering, for example, the possibility of returning or exchanging in store a product purchased on the web”, points out Camille Secondini.

Working hand in hand with a myriad of partners

HiPay’s ecosystem also includes those in charge of POS terminals maintenance, who provide invaluable advice. Their feedback is important in determining which equipment is of greatest interest, and in keeping abreast of the latest technological advances in this field. “This way, we can advise customers on market trends and the solutions best suited to their profile”, she continues. “Other players in the value chain, such as digital marketing professionals far upstream, and cash register software professionals far downstream, are also among our contacts.”

HiPay’s vocation is to provide a holistic vision of its customers’ performance. While the company represents a central pillar of the e-commerce and omnichannel strategy, it needs to forge close links with a number of players upstream and downstream of payments in order to be fully relevant. “The overall objective of payment is to improve the merchant’s conversion rate. The contributions of different solutions to the value chain must be identified at all times, as well as the must-haves, the innovations and the solutions in phase with a given category of merchants”, describes Camille Secondini.

At the core of e-commerce processes are web integrators, another type of partner with whom HiPay is in constant contact. They work with merchants when they need to overhaul their platform. They provide first-rate technological support for e-merchant developments, making them a strategic player. At the center of digital platform deployment, they must choose the right partners to meet their customers’ needs, and therefore have a wealth of information on the state of the market, which is invaluable to HiPay.

“Although we are not a consulting firm, our overall involvement with a wide range of players in the e-commerce sector gives merchants an informed view of the solutions available to them. Thanks to the human touch we offer them, through our consultants, they find concrete, tailor-made answers in line with their expectations, by being directed towards service providers truly adapted to their needs”, adds Camille Secondini. “It is also worth noting that the many direct interactions between us and the other service providers in the ecosystem mean that the merchant does not have to act as an interface in exchanges, which speeds up collaborations.”

As you can see, by forging lasting relationships with all the players in the payment ecosystem, we combine our expertise to fully respond to all our customers’ requirements and issues. By teaming up with the best players in the market, you are in good hands with HiPay!