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Pilot x HiPay x Synolia: a pilot project for international development

HiPay, an augmented payment expert, and Synolia, an e-commerce agency, support Pilot Corporation of Europe in its European digitalization strategy.

With almost a century of unique expertise, Pilot designs writing instruments at the cutting edge of technology.

Whether for school, work, creative leisure, or fine writing, this famous Japanese flagship company offers a whole universe of pens adapted to every need.

In this spirit of innovation, HiPay, expert in augmented payment, and Synolia, expert in e-commerce, have been providing guidance and support to Pilot Corporation of Europe’s head office in its European digitalization strategy.


Based in the heart of the European market in the Annecy region, Pilot has overhauled the way it markets its products by launching a site dedicated to end consumers in November 2023. Previously, the company had no such direct relationship with users, relying solely on its subsidiaries and distributors to sell its range of pens.

For Julien Barabant, Digital & Brand Manager, and Sylvain Desmoulins, E-Commerce Project Manager, at Pilot Corporation of Europe, this new site was the ultimate step in their Europe-wide digitalization.  

To achieve this, optimizing the purchasing journey was a crucial challenge, so that the site would be attractive and user-friendly.

And let’s not forget the international dimension right from the start of the project, as the French site is intended to be rapidly rolled out to other target markets.

Using Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento), Pilot’s D2C (Direct to Customer) website is designed to be ergonomic and in line with e-commerce standards, with multilingual, multi-currency, multi-offer, and multi-boutique considerations, among others, easily integrated into its current information system.


After consulting several PSPs, Pilot chose HiPay to support its payment strategy as part of this new vision of direct sales. 

Backed by a strong ecosystem and recommended by our partners, including Synolia, our scalable offering provides the company with a turnkey solution for secure online payments with CB, Visa, Mastercard, soon PayPal and Apple Pay, to which other payment methods can be added for the sites to be deployed. 

What’s more, HiPay’s centralized management interface enables Pilot to harness the full power of its data to get to know its customers better, thanks to a 360-degree view of its business.

By providing real-time access to various transaction statuses and key performance indicators, HiPay Console makes it possible to better track orders and refunds, while facilitating financial reconciliation.

Thanks to augmented payment services and high-performance tools to increase flexibility and avoid friction, HiPay has enabled Pilot to achieve high success rates.

We owe this success not only to the robustness of our platform and our responsive payment technology, but also to our support and guidance, human above all, at the service of performance.


Because HiPay’s vocation is to provide a holistic vision of performance, our Account Managers and Technical Account Managers are attentive to Pilot’s evolving needs, with continuous optimization in mind. 

Much more than a payment service provider, HiPay works hand in hand with its trusted partners to forge lasting relationships with its merchants.

By combining our expertise with that of Synolia, we are committed to taking Pilot’s customer experience and payment strategy to the next level. 

Proud to have been able to contribute to this international project, whose promising beginnings with orders meeting Pilot’s expectations on its new website herald good prospects for expansion on a European scale, we look forward to writing together the sequel to this great success story.

What about you: ready to revolutionize your e-commerce strategy with HiPay? Contact us for an augmented payment experience!

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