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Noreve x HiPay: 99% of payments accepted thanks to custom-made fraud protection

Founded by Michaël Massat and present in over 40 countries, Noreve specializes in high-end leather goods and embodies the haute couture of accessories for mobile devices.
A pioneer since 2003, it is one of the few brands to offer one-of-a-kind cases, with over 5,000 unique models and a dozen options and finishes on its multilingual, multicurrency e-commerce website.

Indeed, one of Noreve’s strengths is to enable its customers to completely personalize their case, turning it into a luxury object.

Like HiPay, the company is constantly innovating and renewing itself to adapt its collections to the ever-changing world of smartphones, tablets and computers.

Noreve stands out not only for the quality of its materials, but also for its responsive and caring customer service. These are values we share, so that we can provide our merchants support and guidance with a human touch at the service of their performance for an augmented payment experience!

Expertise to meet every challenge 

Noreve opted for HiPay in 2014, primarily for our anti-fraud solution, our exhaustive technical documentation and our dedicated Support team. 

Because we’re constantly reinventing ourselves to help our merchants grow, our ability to meet regulatory challenges, including the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), makes all the difference.

For Maxime Le Moing, Technical Manager at Noreve in Saint-Tropez, our collaboration gives them a 360-degree view of their business and data, as well as a solution tailored to their security and transactional needs.


Enhanced security with HiPay Sentinel

Since the transition to PSD2, Noreve has been benefiting from HiPay Sentinel, which has considerably strengthened the security of its online transactions by filtering out fraudulent payments, even those that appear legitimate at first glance. 

After a period of adaptation, Noreve can now attest to the effectiveness of HiPay Sentinel, which is proving to be a real asset in its day-to-day protection against fraud.

As Maxime Le Moing points out, “it’s a pleasure to work with this solution in the sense that we no longer have to worry about looking in detail to see whether all payments are validated or not.”

Since March 2022, with HiPay Sentinel adjusted to their needs, Noreve has seen improved payment reliability, with around 99% of payments now going through smoothly.
Between 2022 and 2024, their success rate increased from 76% to 80.06% in terms of gross success, and from 91% to 92.94% in terms of net success.

Availability of technical support and documentation

For Noreve, the choice of their payment provider was essential to facilitate the integration of the security and transactional aspects.

That’s why our responsive payment technology and scalable solutions are designed to adapt to all operating modes and meet all your needs.

The close collaboration between our teams of experts and our end-to-end technical support, with a human touch above all, enabled the smooth integration of HiPay’s PrestaShop module into Noreve’s complex ecosystem.

“Thanks to HiPay’s technical support and the availability of its documentation, we were able to adapt HiPay’s PrestaShop module to our system. [...] We always have a HiPay contact person to help us and guide us through the integration process. [...] All the module, code and evolutions are documented. HiPay really facilitates the integration for us,” explains Maxime Le Moing.

Indeed, for developers and technical managers, the online documentation and the various modules on Git directories are a precious help, not to mention the possibility of integrating tools via API.

Noreve also uses HiPay’s hosted page, which can be easily customized with its own branding - another essential asset for optimizing the user experience!


Easier development for even more possibilities

Thanks to our augmented payment offering, Noreve plans to expand its market with HiPay by soon integrating Apple Pay, Google Pay and other new payment methods that will be requested by Internet users. 

In order to remain at the forefront of secure and scalable payment solutions, Noreve can therefore count on our commitment to innovation.

“It's true that HiPay helps us with these considerations by making available a whole host of resources, particularly for Apple Pay, which is a payment method very specific to Apple. We really appreciate the dedicated documentation, which is available on the HiPay website, it makes development much easier, despite the complexity of our architecture. [...] We’re confident in HiPay’s ability to adapt to all future payment methods,” concludes Maxime Le Moing.

What about you, ready to take your payment strategy to the next level with HiPay?

Our experts are attentive to your needs: contact us to take advantage of our personalized support for a tailor-made solution.


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