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Streetbuzz x HiPay: performance as a growth driver

Based in Germany, Streetbuzz Distribution GmbH is one of the biggest players in the moped sector, with more than 90,000 items, 6,000 m² of storage space and 1,500 parcels dispatched worldwide every day.

In addition to a wide range of 2-stroke, 4-stroke and dirt bikes, the company is expanding its expertise in the fields of Vespa and vintage scooters.

Through its SCOOTER-ATTACK and MAXISCOOT sales channels, it offers a wide range of products, including its own store brands such as MOTOFORCE, STR8 and the premium brand STAGE6, as well as leading European brands.

As a TÜV-certified manufacturer, the company guarantees the highest standards, top-quality products and maximum performance.

In this quest for excellence and constant optimization, Streetbuzz chose HiPay in 2021 to take its payment strategy to the next level.

A comprehensive offering that combines technology and human touch 

As experts in payment technology, we focus on human at the service of performance to make things easier for our merchants.

Before choosing HiPay, Streetbuzz had always had a problem with the opacity and cumbersomeness of the card payment process. 

With our augmented payment offering, the company now benefits from simple, secure payments, and protects its customers’ data and transactions with strong authentication across its entire market.

What’s more, Streetbuzz can now easily anticipate its customers’ needs and develop its business internationally. By offering the right payment method to the right customer, transaction volume processed by HiPay has risen by 9% compared to the same period last year.

For Gökçe Soycan, CEO and founder of Streetbuzz, “the ability to easily integrate alternative payment methods is indeed an important part of our international growth strategy.” 

With this in mind, the company can count on our teams, particularly for the upcoming implementation of Apple Pay.

A flexible, customizable anti-fraud module

To balance safety and customer experience, Streetbuzz can also rely on HiPay Sentinel.

As Gökçe Soycan points out, before opting for HiPay, “the previous anti-fraud module was anything but user-friendly, and manual intervention was very complicated.”

Besides, in the event of a problem, the company points out that it took a lot of effort to get help from customer service or technical support.

Today, HiPay Sentinel is the solution to effectively combat fraud while maximizing their conversion rate thanks to simplified authentication. 

“The anti-fraud module can be modified according to our needs, and in case of questions or problems, direct contact can be established within a very short time,” adds Gökçe Soycan.

A powerful, centralized management interface

In addition to enabling Streetbuzz to explore and thoroughly analyze its data, HiPay Console meets all its needs in the blink of an eye.

In just a few clicks, the company can carry out the actions required for its business (capture, refund, cancellation, export, etc.).

As its CEO points out, “with the HiPay platform, we have a clear overview of the most important key figures on a daily basis, and manual intervention is possible without problems and lengthy training.”

And to satisfy its customers, wherever they are, the company can use our management interface to keep a close eye on the wide variety of payment methods and currencies available to continually improve the shopping experience.

As a result: augmented performance and customer satisfaction
By making our technology and payment expertise available to Streetbuzz, improvements were quickly observed. For instance, the average transaction value rose by 4%.   

In addition to reducing its card payment processing costs, the company rapidly saw a 5 pp increase in its net success rate. At the same time, chargebacks were almost completely eliminated.

Thanks to regular exchanges with the HiPay teams, Streetbuzz is constantly adapting and optimizing its payment strategy according to its needs and its customers’ expectations. 

Above all, the quality of the exchanges and the possibility of direct contact with a dedicated Account Manager are a real advantage.    

Because at HiPay, we don’t just process payments, we improve their performance!   

Contact our experts to find out more.

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