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HiPay continues to innovate with a new payment module for merchants

HiPay continues to innovate, announcing the launch of its HiPay for Shopify module: a payment solution that allows merchants with a Shopify shop to accept online payments in a simple and secure way.


If you are interested in creating a website, then you have probably already heard of CMS (Content Management Systems). They allow you to create and manage websites and mobile applications without the need for advanced technical knowledge. In short, a CMS such as Shopify takes care of everything!

Shopify, the Gold-Standard E-Commerce Editor

Shopify, an e-commerce platform launched in 2004 in Canada, is now growing rapidly and is expected to exceed $1 billion in sales by 2020. Its ambition? To help as many merchants as possible launch, manage and develop their online store, regardless of sector, market or distribution network (including social networks).

Visuel 1Known for its great simplicity, the editor already has more than 1 million users worldwide and provides merchants of all sizes with a set of tools and functionalities essential for the smooth running of any online activity.

Key Features of Shopify
The platform allows you to add many features, plug-ins and APIs that help you acquire new customers, boost your sales and drive your daily tasks, whether they involve marketing, payment, or international trade.

Benefits of the Platform
Feature-rich, flexible, powerful--many benefits are associated with the Shopify platform. These include:

  • Security

Shopify is a self-hosted solution that fully supports platform updates and maintenance, ensuring that it is always up to date.

  • Customer Service

You benefit from quality customer support available 24/7 by email, chat and phone.

  • Marketing and SEO Tools

Shopify provides SEO tools (e.g., customizable title tags and meta tags) and a range of marketing tools such as personalized gift cards, store statistics, discount coupons, etc.

  • Payment
The Shopify platform facilitates the integration of payment gateways such as HiPay. This allows you to integrate your payment services directly from the merchant back office in a reliable and secure way.

The HiPay Payment Module for Shopify
"We are proud to announce that we now support transactions for the shops on the leading platform, Shopify. Our goal is always to seek the best partner solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the market," according to David Cohen, COO of HiPay.

The HiPay module for Shopify is a ready-to-use solution: once it is integrated into your Shopify shop, you can immediately accept credit card payments while benefiting from:

  • Maximum security for your transactions (PCI-DSS level 1 certification, 3D-secure, data encryption, RGPD compliant).
  • A frictionless payment experience, thanks to a payment page integrated into the shopping tunnel.
  • The ability for your customers to pay in different languages.

In addition to these advantages, the module brings together a set of conversion-oriented features that are designed to boost your shop's turnover.

The Customizable Payment Page
The appearance of the payment page can be modified to fit your site's visual identity perfectly. You can add your logo, the name of your brand, and even integrate a background image in a few clicks, and without any technical effort.

Means of Payment
Thanks to this module, you can attract new customers via a wide range of payment options that are among the most widely used in the world. This includes the main card systems and alternative payment methods (such as Visa, MasterCard, SoFort in Germany, iDeal in the Netherlands, Bancontact in Belgium, etc.).

Automatic and Manual Capture
The HiPay for Shopify module allows merchants to trigger a capture manually, or automatically at a predefined date. This allows you to track your transactions and manage your cash flow according to your needs.

Refund Management
According to journaldunet.com, "under normal conditions, products purchased online are three times more likely to be returned than those purchased in stores". You can see, then, how important good refund management is in an e-commerce activity. To this end, the payment module allows you to refund an order partially (refunding only certain items) or completely from Shopify.

The Dashboard
For any merchant, it is essential to follow the development of their business through certain types of data. The dashboard helps you analyze your data in real time and make the right decisions, using daily sales reports that show conversion rates, transaction histories, refund volume--everything you need to manage your business serenely.

Take advantage of the HiPay module now!
If you are a Shopify shop owner and would like to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this module... It couldn't be simpler! Contact us directly to create your HiPay account and configure your module in just a few clicks.

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