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Hosted Page V2: Payment Page Hosting as a Conversion Driver

The payment step, and consequently your payment page, is the most sensitive part the purchasing process. According to a Statista study on buying behavior, around 21% of buyers abandon their shopping carts when the payment process is too long or complex.

We regularly assist our retailers by offering new solutions that maximize conversion rates. That’s why we’ve developed a new version of our solution: Hosted Page V2.

What is it ?

Hosted Page V2 is HiPay’s new version of hosted payment pages. Our solution is optimized to boost conversions, and guarantees fast, secure transactions.

Hosted Page V2 pages are fully customizable and follow your style guide, either by integrating your CSS or by uploading your own images. They are also designed to be responsive and to adapt to all your customers’ devices: phones, tablets or desktop computers.

[Are you a HiPay vendor currently using our Hosted Page solution?

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Before Hosted Page V2 After Hosted Page V2

Hosted Page V2 on the e-commerce site Merci

In addition, with HiPay payment page integration you can also access a wide variety of payment methods (around 220 available methods of payment). Reach new customers in just a few clicks by offering local payment methods like Bancontact in Belgium, iDeal in the Netherlands, or MyBank in Italy.

A dynamic solution

We are continuously improving our products and services to offer you a complete, adaptable solution that meets your needs and those of your customers.

Hosted Page V2 will soon offer even more features.

Our upcoming additions include:

  • An A/B testing tool with machine learning to continuously improve your payment pages by analyzing data and customer behavior patterns on the pages.
  • A one-click payment solution to maximize conversions by simplifying payment.
  • A split payment solution to give your customers the option of using multiple payment methods for one purchase (improved conversion, higher shopping cart value).
  • The option of displaying the shopping cart directly on the payment page.


How does it work ?

Hosted Page V2 is designed to be easy to integrate, and offers several integration options:

Depending on your CMS, you may be able to simply integrate our HiPay payment solution, then update your HiPay module.


We also offer integration via API. For more details, click here.

Contact our payment experts today, and start using our Hosted Page V2 solution!

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[Are you a HiPay merchant currently using our Hosted Page solution ? See our email "Hosted Page" sent on the 18/02/20 Référez-vous à l’email "Hosted Page" du 18/02/2021or contact your account manager directly to get the new version of Hosted Page!]


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