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Security and Tools: Ensuring a Secure Connections to your Softwares

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The connection interface to your HiPay tools is changing !


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  •  Your password :

To make sure that your HiPay tools connection password is secured and safe from hacking, it must contain at least 8 characters. It should be made of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

To allow you to assess the level of security of your password when choosing it, you will see a strength gauge appear as you type it.


  • Password validity :

According to the score reached by the strength gauge when choosing it, your password will remain valid for between 5 to 12 months. The stronger your password is, the longer it will last.


  •  Logins errors :

If a third party, or a robot, tries to log in to your account, it will be blocked. There are several steps to this:

After 3 attempts, a captcha will appear on your connection interface. After 7 attempts your account will be blocked for 15 minutes and you will receive an email in the meantime to inform you about this.


  •  Logging off the tools :

If your session remains inactive for an hour, you will be automatically logged out.


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