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How to Accept PayPal Payments with HiPay

quote-iconIn light of PayPal recently reaching the 200 million active user mark, we thought we would go over some of the defining facts and features of the world’s most popular mobile wallet.quote-icon

The merchant’s advantages

As a merchant, offering PayPal opens the door to consumers in 202 countries worldwide paying in 25 different currencies. The global popularity of PayPal saw the company process 6.1 billion transactions in 2016 alone, which turns out to be a 24% increase on the number of transactions in 2015.

PayPal has certainly made their mark in the French market, with the payment method coming second only to credit cards in usage. This is surely due to the 5 million active PayPal users in France. The popularity of e-wallets in France was recently pointed out in an annual study conducted by the FEVAD which showed that 42% of the French have made at least one purchase using an e-wallet. Considering the numbers, offering certain e-wallets as payment methods on your e-commerce site is something to give more than a bit of thought.



Users look to PayPal as a trusted payment method which allows them to make quick and secure payments that protect their financial info. The simple payment process, starting with benefit the input of a client’s username and password, guides your clients through a few steps that end by being redirected to your websites confirmation page.  

Here’s how it all works!

Here’s an example of the process from our client Kusmi Tea:



Consumers are always looking to make payments quicker, and by integrating PayPal with HiPay, your clients  benefit from all of PayPal’s innovations. Their most recent development “One Touch”, allows users to make payment in a few clicks. By activating “One Touch” clients securely register their PayPal login info allowing them to make their following purchases quicker than ever before.  

As mentioned before, offering PayPal in certain markets is absolutely necessary and is sure to open your business to a larger potential customer base. However dealing with different markets also requires offering local payment methods that clients trust and have grown accustomed too. With a single payment Provider such as HiPay, customer can access different payment methods around the world.   

With HiPay’s unified platform which gathers transaction data from all payment methods, merchants offering PayPal or any of the other 220 payment methods available, can save themselves the headache of regrouping financial info.  

Learn more about PayPal and the 220 payment methods available with HiPay’s Enterprise solution.

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