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Efficient UX: Enhancing Payment Management for Customer Satisfaction

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Too rigid and poorly optimized software wastes day-to-day time: obscure navigation, too many clicks to go from one feature to another, a flood of data hiding the essentials in analysis reports, overly rigid exports that do not export what you want… We’ve all been there. The result? A considerable loss of productivity.

But for some professionals involved in payment transactions while being customer-facing, such as a customer relationship manager, the challenge becomes critical: quickly processing a request while being able to remain available to the customer is key to a high customer satisfaction.

Having an agile and customizable tool to manage payment transactions is essential to guarantee teams’ productivity. Let’s focus on some essential features that optimize payment data management and are available in HiPay Console, the future HiPay back office, currently in beta testing with some of our merchants.

An optimal reimbursement experience for the consumer.

Offering remote reimbursement is a selling point that reassures the end customer when making a purchase. Providing this service is essential today, but then you need to keep up to your words, as a chaotic reimbursement experience will very probably mean losing a client for ever... Conversely, if a reimbursement is well managed, it can generate an increase in the client's confidence in the brand, and ultimately strengthen loyalty.

When a customer contacts a brand's customer service to request a refund, operators have to act quickly, especially if the customer is on the phone! While maintaining the conversation, operators can search for a transaction in the HiPay Console back office by entering the corresponding transaction number, but also by using filters such as the means of payment used, the customer’s email address, or the order ID, either by themselves or guided by the tool's intelligent suggestions.

When the transaction is found, it only takes a few clicks to make the refund: operators simply need to choose the refund amount and reason in a dedicated widget that shows a list of reasons for the refund and its frequency.



A customized user experience that meets everyone's needs and preferences.

An efficient back office must adapts to all types of users. For instance, an account manager will not have the same needs as his fellow accountant or e-commerce manager, yet they all use the s

Setting your own preferences is therefore essential, and HiPay Console offers many solutions for this: you can select the widgets to display in your dashboard, choose the columns to display in your search results, their order and size, and you can even save your favorite views to highlight essential information. The interface also stores favorite searches and those that are viewed regularly.ame tool when it comes to payment. And everyone has their own habits!

Saving preferences and highlighting key data saves time and increases responsiveness, and helps increase customer satisfaction!


A multilingual environment suitable for international payment operations.

International operations should not result in decentralized systems, quite the opposite! The more dispersed operations are, the more tools should be centralized in order to eliminate the risk of silos. But faced with many solutions’ lack of agility, many companies ultimately choose to equip their local teams with separate tools that meet the specific needs of each location.

To meet these challenges, HiPay Console offers several essential features. The platform is of course available in multiple languages ​​(French and English available in beta, Italian and Portuguese will arrive at launch), but it doesn't stop there. Indeed, the selected language also defines the way numerical data are displayed (for example 12 358,47 € in French; and € 12,358.47 in English). Choosing a time zone also adjusts data to the date, and 5 date formats will eventually be available in order to meet the standards of each location. Users can also select a preferred currency for their dashboard. And all this very simply, via a single tab! This agility is not only practical, but it is also critical for teams that interact directly with consumers from various places, such as an international customer service.


This was just an overview of what HiPay Console has to offer. Find out more here or here, or by contacting our teams.

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