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Managing your increasing e-commerce sales : SantéDiscount's testimonial

Covid-19 is a particularly stressful situation for e-merchants. What this time and lockdowns have taught us, however, is that it's essential to know how to pivot.

In this article, we'll share our advice for adapting your business during the Covid-19 pandemic. You'll also see how SantéDiscount responded to heavy demands for its e-commerce business during the first lockdown.

Finally, we'll see how your payment provider should be supporting you during this difficult period.

E-commerce is booming

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THE IN-STORE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE - Can Unified Commerce Attract Customers?


Hosted Page V2: Payment Page Hosting as a Conversion Driver

The payment step, and consequently your payment page, is the most sensitive part the purchasing process. According to a Statista study on buying behavior, around 21% of buyers abandon their shopping carts when the payment process is too long or complex.

HiPay continues to innovate with the release of a payment module for merchants

HiPay continues to innovate, announcing the launch of its HiPay for Shopify module: a payment solution that allows merchants with a Shopify shop to accept online payments in a simple and secure way.

What Is Shopify?

The importance of building a strong ecosystem

Although the last step in the buying journey, payment is a key component of your development strategy. Your payment partner must be able to assist you and work with your existing ecosystem.

30 days to implement Web-to-Store scenarios

The health crisis, and consequently the closure of a large number of physical stores, has democratized many purchasing processes where the different sales channels are complementary.