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An optimized, omnichannel purchasing experience with HiPay and Axialys

The consumer's buying journey is no longer linear: it’s “omnichannel”. From in-store purchases to unified commerce, merchants need to adapt: today, your customers interact with you through a multitude of contact points.

Towards fully secure, frictionless payments


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PSP support: much more than a contact form!

Collecting data, securing user journeys, making shopping experiences more fluid... These aspects of e-commerce are more crucial than ever, in response to the many challenges facing e-tailers. The need to ensure that payments are as secure and compliant as possible, innovation and development to enhance the attractiveness of platforms, and the importance of being able to concentrate with complete peace of mind on their core business are all decisive factors. 

Payment service providers (PSPs) are at the heart of the process of striking the right balance between the need for protection and the quality of the user experience. But merchants still need to be given the support they need to meet the challenges they face, so that they can be effective without overburdening their processes.

A personalized, end-to-end support approach is the key to success when it comes to payment management. This enables us to provide online merchants with in-depth analyses to establish profile typologies based on customer data and their context. 

The Future of Payment is Instant: Interview with Emőke Péter

We live in a fast-paced society which comes with its share of opportunities and challenges. 

We have had the privilege to interview Emőke Péter, representative of the European Digital Payment Industry Alliance in the Payment Systems Market Expert Group  (PSMEG) and dep. Head of Global Public and Regulatory Affairs at Worldline. 

HiPay Intelligence: Turn data into results

An analytics tool to explore and analyze online and instore activity.

Use the power of your payment data to find new opportunities, follow the lifecycle of a transaction, identify and fix problems, and measure the impact of your fraud rules.

Thanks to HiPay Intelligence, you can make the right decisions, faster than ever.

How Mix Payment increases customer conversion?

The solution for improving your conversion rate, increasing the amount in shopping baskets and achieving a more satisfactory user experience!