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American Express : An opportunity for e-merchants

AMEX is the world's 4th largest acceptance network after Union Pay, Visa and Mastercard, and contrary to what its name implies, there are American Express cardholders all over the world.

Unified Commerce : a solution to answer consumers' needs

The pandemic is accelerating the digitalization of points of sale, making it necessary rethink the shopping experience you offer your customers. During lockdown, e-commerce came to the rescue and offset the closure of physical stores. Consumers were able to test new, unified buying experiences, and the feedback has been appreciative and accepting.

Payment for customer satisfaction

Customer service is a real driver of loyalty for online stores. Suggestions based on order history, customer recognition across channels, and cross-channel refunds are all services you can offer your customers to improve their shopping experience. HiPay can help you deploy these features.

Payment: 3 features for a back office as agile as its users.


Digitization and the resulting transformation of work have brought the concepts of agility, personalization and mobility to the fore. These principles attempt to meet the new needs of professionals who now have a plethora of tools and data, and for whom navigating this mass of information is a challenge.

Design and UX (user experience) are the key to overcoming these obstacles and effectively deliver an agile, personalized and nomadic experience to platform users.

Focus on 3 ultra intuitive features available in HiPay Console for an easy, yet powerful, user experience.

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Efficient UX: Enhancing Payment Management for Customer Satisfaction


Too rigid and poorly optimized software wastes day-to-day time: obscure navigation, too many clicks to go from one feature to another, a flood of data hiding the essentials in analysis reports, overly rigid exports that do not export what you want… We’ve all been there. The result? A considerable loss of productivity.

But for some professionals involved in payment transactions while being customer-facing, such as a customer relationship manager, the challenge becomes critical: quickly processing a request while being able to remain available to the customer is key to a high customer satisfaction.

Having an agile and customizable tool to manage payment transactions is essential to guarantee teams’ productivity. Let’s focus on some essential features that optimize payment data management and are available in HiPay Console, the future HiPay back office, currently in beta testing with some of our merchants.

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PSP: 4 intelligent innovations that are essential for payment experts.


Last decade’s big thing, "big data", generated an unprecedented amount of data. But infobesity has become a real issue for many businesses. Making sense of all the information available and getting the best learnings from it is today's challenge.

Technology must therefore evolve, gain in agility and intelligence, while remaining intuitive and accessible to anybody. In the area of ​​payment, "Smart Data" should allow experts responsible for transactions analysis and the accounting and financial management of payment operations to easily leverage data. Discover 4 types of innovations available in HiPay Console, and making it a truly intelligent back office.

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